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My name is Alexis Lambiase.  Welcome to 7th grade Reading and Language Arts.  I am eager to begin our journey together as Moody Bearcats!  
I am a graduate of Texas State University with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Mass Communications and Psychology.  During college I worked full time as a substitute teacher, and after graduated I began to work in the foster care field.  I discovered that I missed my students and teaching.  I went back to substitute teaching while earning my teaching certificate.  
This is my sixth year teaching reading, and I am anxious to share my love of learning with my students.  When people used to ask my father how he was doing, he would respond by saying, "I'm growing and learning."  As you can see, a life long love of learning ensued and remains lodged in my heart.  It is my hope that I can inspire other children to grow and love to learn.   
Reading is a passion.  It is also an essential life skill to be able to read and critically analyze different types of written and verbal content.  Student will learn how to read between the lines this year in each text they encounter.  They will expand their horizons by thinking outside of the box while learning and honing different literary skills at the same time.