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Mr. Brock's Social Studies Page

From a Sam Houston State University Bearkat, to a Moody Bearcat, no matter how you spell it, I am excited to be starting my first year at Moody Middle School teaching 5th and 8th grade social studies. I spent the previous nine years teaching social studies and English in Waco. I'm from Lorena, but when Lorena was small and in the same district as Moody in the 1980's - so don't hold that against me.  I have a background in journalism, marketing, and desktop design prior to entering education in 2014. My goal is to bring social studies to life and draw a direct connection to how it relates to all situations in modern times. I also have a very "open door" policy - meaning I welcome communication from both parents and students.
My wife Tracy and I just celebrated 30 years of marriage and getting our two sons Samuel and Owen through college. Tracy is a career educator with her doctorate and serves an Instructional Specialist for Waco ISD. Sam is a UNT grad, working in Waco and a talented musician. Owen is also an SHSU grad who is starting his first year of teaching in Huntsville. Personally, I love music, sports, trivia of any type, playing disc golf, and spending time in the mountains. I look forward to this upcoming year.
Brock family - Darin, Samuel, Owen and Tracy Brock
Brock's Master Schedule: 2023-2024
Period 1 - (7:45 - 8:31): 5th Grade Social Studies
Period 2 - (8:34 - 9:20): 5th Grade Social Studies
Period 3 - (9:23 - 10:09): 5th Grade Social Studies
Period 4 - (10:12 - 10:57): 8th Grade U.S. History
Period 5 - (11:00 - 11:45): 8th Grade U.S. History
Period 6 - (12:22 - 1:08): 8th Grade U.S. History
Period 7 - (1:11 - 1:47): 8th Grade U.S. History
Period 8 - (2:00 - 2:46): Conference
Period 9 - (2:49 - 3:35): 6th Grade Intervention
Morning Duty / Tutorials
Friday - 7:15 - 7:45