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About Me

Quality education is perhaps the single greatest asset to mankind. It’s a bold statement, but I believe it to be true. Education opens doors, helps us navigate a changing world, and can help us create a more prosperous future for generations to come. 
Reading is a fundamental component to all other aspects of life. As a teacher, I’m committed to engaging and inspiring all students, no matter what their background, to fan the flames of their own fire so they can leave school and light up the world with their own ideas, creativity, and passions. Our future is sitting in my classroom. This truth is not lost on me. 
I’m an 8th year teacher, and this is my second year at Moody. I love it here and intend on staying around for as long as they’ll have me! My daughter is in 8th grade at Moody. Time sure does fly! I’m married to an incredibly talented, creative man. My family is one of my greatest assets in life! My faith in God is my first. 
If I’m not working on something school related, you can find me helping women in my community, playing with my dog Rosie, or digging in the garden with no shoes on. 
Here’s to another beautiful year in Bearcat country!