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My name is Tina Reynolds and Bearcat Country is a great place to be!    I am a second-career teacher, and lifelong learning is a passion of mine.  I hope to ignite a spark of that desire in your student.  For me, math really is just figuring out a puzzle.  I would like to instill in my students perseverance in problem-solving.  William Paul Thurston said it best, "Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms, it is about understanding."  I would like to see students understanding problems, puzzling out the math to solve the problems, and in so doing, being prepared not only for this class, but for future math classes and life itself.


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Family is very important to me.  My husband and I have three children, who are all married, and eight grandchildren.  We are a sports oriented family.  We love volleyball, basketball, softball, football, and playing dominoes.  I am a member of St. Paul Lutheran Church at The Grove, and I've lived in Central Texas all of my life.  





Tuesday, 8/16/2022 First Day of School
Tuesday, 8/30/2022 Beginning of Year Math MAP test
Monday, 9/5/2022 Labor Day - School Holiday
Wednesday, 9/14/2022 Unit 1 Exam
Thursday, 9/15/2022 Early Dismissal
Friday, 9/16/2022 Student Holiday
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Daily Schedule
7:45-8:31 1st Math Class
8:34-9:20 2nd  Math Lab
9:23-10:09 3rd Math Class
10:12-10:57 4th Math Lab
11:00-11:30 LUNCH  
11:33-12:19 5th Math Class
12:22-1:08 6th Math Lab
1:11-1:57 7th Pull Out
2:00-2:46 8th CONF
2:49-3:35 9th Math Lab

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If you would like to meet to discuss your student's work, please contact me by email and I will be happy to schedule a meeting.


[email protected]

Math is like going to the gym for your brain.  It sharpens your mind.