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Hi, my name is Joy Moreno. I am the 6th and 7th grade Science Teacher. I have been teaching and coaching for over 12 years.  I graduated from Texas State in 2004 with my Bachelor's Degree in 4th-8th grade Generalist Education. I am a life long learning of all things around me with a passion for motivating Junior High youngins in sports and all academics. This will be my 1st year as a teacher in Moody ISD, yet I have been a part of the Moody committee since 2011.  I am super excited to be a Bearcat at Moody Middle School.  
7:45-8:33  1st Period - Conference
8:36-9:24   2nd Period - 7th Grade Science
9:27-10:15  3rd Period - 7th Grade Science
10:18-11:06   4th Period - 7th Grade Science
11:09-11:39   Lunch
11:42-12:12   5th Period - 6th Grade Science
12:14-1:02   6th Period - 6th Grade Science
1:05-1:53   7th Period - 6th/7th Grade Intervention
1:56-2:44   8th Period - 6th Grade Science
2:47-3:35  9th Period - 6th Grade Science
LOVE all things CATS
1. I have: 2 indoor cats-Cornbread and Sweetie; 6 outdoor cats-Spicy Girl, Garfield, Taco, Tiger, Tigger, Freddie and 3 new kittens-Beans, Lillie and Lollie.
2. I love to crochet and do all things crafts indoors and outdoors.
Colored pens, Reese's, Softball, Bowling, and just chillin like a villain with my husband.
3. I love being a Mom of 3: daughter-Ashlie (Georgetown), son-Aaron (Tyler) and daughter-Haley (Houston).
4. I love being a Mimi of 2 beautiful little girls.  Rilee is 11 and will be starting the 6th grade in Georgetown, Texas.  Emree is 4 and will be starting Pre-K in Georgetown as well.
4.  I am a bouncy and fun loving person.  I am an identical triplet and grew up all but 10 years in the Austin/Round Rock Texas.