Students will receive new spelling words each Wednesday and take a quiz on those words the following Wednesday. Students will not have spelling homework, but students who struggle with spelling are encouraged to practice their words outside of class.

Spelling List 1_Short Vowels.pdf  Quiz on Aug. 30
Spelling List 2_Short Vowels.pdf Quiz on Sep. 7
Spelling List 3_Long Vowels.pdf  Quiz on Sep. 14
Spelling List 4_Long Vowels.pdf  Quiz on Sep. 20
Spelling List 5_Varient Consonants_j and k.pdf  Quiz on Sep. 27
Spelling List 6_Consonant Digraphs ch ph.pdf  Quiz on Oct. 4
Spelling List 7_Consonant Digraphs sh, th.pdf  Quiz on Oct. 11
Spelling List 8_Consonant Digraphs wh, tch.pdf  Quiz on Oct. 25
Spelling List 9_Consonant Blends bl, fl.pdf  Quiz on Nov. 1
Spelling List 10_Consonant Blends br, cr, gr.pdf  Quiz on Nov. 8
Spelling List 11_Consonant Blends sk, sp, st.pdf  Quiz on Nov. 15
Spelling List 12_Silent Letters_kn, mb, wr.pdf  Quiz on Dec. 6
Spelling List 13_Vowel Combos_al, au, aw.pdf  Quiz on Dec. 13

We will be taking a break from spelling lists for the time being in order to focus on other skills. Quizzes may resume later in the year.